Homer D. Reagan
Founder/Executive Director
2005 – 2014

In 2003, Reverend Homer D. Reagan acted on his vision as Pastor and founder of the East Gate Missionary Baptist Church to expand the ministries of the church throughout the low income and underprivileged families in the communities surrounding the church. He petitioned some of his parishioners and professional constituents to come together and discuss the physical, social, economic and civic needs of the community. From this meeting a board was formed and the process was initiated toward establishing a Faith-Based Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization. This organization would be known as The Community Outreach Connection, Inc. (COC) and would operate independent of the church with the sole purpose of improving the living conditions and learning capabilities of the citizens within the community.

The Community Outreach Connection, Inc. Established August 2005

Since the organization was legally established in 2005, the COC has helped to decrease human suffering and improved the quality of life for many community residents.

With the support of our corporate and individual donors as well as the resources provided through our partnerships, the COC is committed to pursue and build on the vision of our late founder well into the future.

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The Community Outreach Connection, Inc.
P.O. Box 763214
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